A Manchester United reality article?

A Manchester United reality article?

A Manchester United reality article?

This isn’t about inadequate squad players as some would have you believe. This is poor planning, a disjointed overall approach with a messed up summer window, spent chasing players that the manager had a previous connection with, some were injured or bought too late, loaned options and didn’t fully cover what was the minimum required. We didn’t sufficiently strengthen areas we desperately needed to, right down the spine. Where is the Central Defender, the Central Midfielder is injured and we could only afford a loan. We have one striker worth talking about and rely on a 20-year-old.

We started the season all over the place, totally consistent with our lack of leadership from owners down, lack of planning, a muddled approach, and late injured purchases. Shambles off the pitch and brought shambles on it. We recruited haphazardly, haven’t considered the character of players, players that call the manager a liar should never have been considered and let’s not go into other situations.

Why is anyone surprised at what we are getting? We have owners who have disregarded everything good about our club, our history is besmirched by them and they care not a jot about the football. They have financial expertise maximising income to get tasty dividends and increase the asset value, yet amateurs on the real matter, football. Our approach looks utterly amateurish on the football side top down, so why be surprised at amateurish, disjointed offerings on the pitch?

We have a mess, a crisis caused by the total haphazard way of business, how can we allow players to be selected based on the manager having a previous connection. As a manager you bring someone in like that, they are under more scrutiny, more suspicion because others will ask whether they will be treated better. Therefore they have to do even better. I can bet players will feel some have an advantage. This needs leadership from above the manager, and it clearly isn’t there.

We clearly had a disjointed plan, not filling the serious gaps, but who makes the plan? It can’t just be the manager, there has to be input from a DOF, CEO, someone who structures the club, clearly we lack that area. We brought in Ralf who was an expert, you then wonder if the incumbent felt put out because he proposed radical change, so Ralf, who wasn’t a coach, had to go. A total shambles.

I could go on. The one bright light is that clearly ETH stood his ground over Sancho, a preening excuse of a footballer, who had the nerve to call the manager a liar. At least the manager set the tone. It appears the amateurs backed him, but for how long? Wait until the loss has to go on the Profit and Loss, the dividends are at risk, then let’s see what the leeches and snakes do. Snakes because I don’t trust what they will do.

It looks like they have bought vanity players over years and lack football direction. This needs the club to be sold, get experts in and see what the club can do. Right now ETH needs to display some logic, team selection, substitutions. If it looks right and we don’t win, that happens but strange decisions lose the crowd. If he loses them he will likely find the amateurs won’t stick with him. He needs backing right now.

Written by Red Man September 17 2023 11:10:59


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