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Campbell Somerville shows battle scars as Tyson Fury gives words of wisdom after Joseph Park fight

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Fighter on the Joseph Parker undercard shares stomach-churning photos after brave loss as behind-the-scenes footage shows Tyson Fury consoling brave Aussie boxer

Campbell Somerville has showed off his battle scars He was beaten to a bloody pulp on Wednesday night Tyson Fury was seen consoling the 26-year-old in Melbourne 

A fighter who suffered a brutal defeat on the undercard of Joseph Parker’s fight on Wednesday night has shared the sobering reality of stepping in the ring.

Campbell Somerville, 26, was beaten to a bloody pulp in his fight with Isaias Sette, 20, at Margaret Court Arena and the previously undefeated Australian had to go to hospital after the bout.

Somerville, who competed for Australia at the Commonwealth Games, sported heavy marking and bruising on his face as Sette landed haymakers throughout. 

His corner eventually threw in the towel, an act that Billy Dib labelled ‘a smart move’ while Main Event commentator Ben Damon called the beatdown ‘gruesome’.

Now, a picture of Somerville in a hospital bed has been shared online, which certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted.


Aussie fighter Campbell Somerville showed off his battle scars after his loss in Melbourne

Fury said it's easy to get a battered face in boxing even if you win Somerville labelled Fury an 'inspiration'

Tyson Fury consoled the dejected Australian after he lost to Isaias Sette on Wednesday

Tyson Fury consoling 3-1 boxer Campbell Somerville after he suffered his first defeat on Joseph Parker’s undercard…

[ Campbell Somerville]

— Michael Benson (@MichaelBensonn) May 25, 2023

But Somerville will at least have the consolation of receiving wise words of advice from heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, who was in attendance to support Parker in the main event.

Footage from the locker room after the fight showed Fury consoling the beleaguered 26-year-old.

‘This is the fight game my friend,’ Fury said. ‘Sometimes in boxing, you know, you win some you lose some. 

‘Even when you win you sometimes get busted up. I’ve had faces like this many a time. 

‘Just come back and keep doing what you’ve got to do.’ 

Somerville replied: ‘Appreciate you man, you’re an idol of mine. So thank you.’ 

Fury said: ‘Let’s take a picture together.’  

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