Chelsea news: Brentford move to block signing £100m Ivan Toney after ban | Football | Sport

“There is an issue we need to address but where is the perfect balance?” he said. “Can football just say ‘no’ and have no relationship with any betting companies? I don’t know.”

Frank was unaware of the stipulations to the ban as Toney was banned from “all football and football-related activity”, though is permitted to return to training from September 17. “We are waiting for the information, so we know what we can do,” Frank said as the club await the independent Regulatory Commission’s written reasons for the ban.

“Can we approach him, what is allowed to do in the first four months? One thing is for sure, we’ll do everything we can to be there for him, support him, beware of his mental health. He’s made some mistakes, but we need to be there and want to be there for him and help him.”

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