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FIS Release Cross-Country Code of Conduct

The FIS Code of Conduct of Skiers and Snowboarders has become international adopted for the safety of skier and snowboarders on the pistes. However not all rules can be applied to all FIS disciplines. As such, FIS has now released a Cross-Country specific Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is as follows:


1. Respect for others:

Cross-country skiers must ski in such a manner that they do not endanger or prejudice others.

2. Respects for signs:

Trail marking signs must be adhered to at all times.

3. Choice of tracks:

On cross-country trails with multiple tracks, skiers must stick to the right hand track unless overtaking. It is also imperative that skating skiers remain on the skating tracks and do not cross into the classic tracks.

4. Overtaking:

A skier ahead is not obliged to give way to an overtaking skier. However, when possible the slower skier should allow faster skiers to overtake. When being overtaken, the slower skier should move to the right.

5. Encounter:

Cross-country skiers meeting while skiing in opposite directions shall keep to the right. Climbing skiers should give way to descending skiers.

6. Poles:

Cross-country skiers shall make the utmost effort to keep their poles close to the body whenever near other skiers.

7. Control of Speed:

Cross-country skiers, especially when descending, must always ski at a speed in which they can stop safely. All skiers should also keep a safe distance from the skiers ahead.

8. Keep the trail clear:

Skiers who stops must leave the track. In case of a fall, skiers should leave the track as quickly as possible.

9. Accidents:

In case of an accident, all persons should provide assistance.

10. Identification:

All witnesses to an accident, whether responsible or not, must remain at the scene of the accident and provide their identification.

In addition to undergoing a formal approval process, FIS has taken the step to translate the Cross-County Code of Conduct into 11 languages. These include German, French, Italian, Polish, Finnish, Norwegian amongst many others. The Cross-Country Code of Conduct is open to all. The English text can be downloaded here and translations can be requested via

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