In The Drops: Le Col Pro Aqua Zero jersey, Peatys Toolkit wrap, AssSaver × Squid mudguard, Lola massage fun and gay socks

In The Drops: Le Col Pro Aqua Zero jersey, Peatys Toolkit wrap, AssSaver × Squid mudguard, Lola massage fun and gay socks

What’s that coming over the hill? It’s autumn and I’m personally very excited. It’s time to dig out the bike lights and mudguards and get stuck into some gritty cycling. If you prefer to hear about all things bicycle while the weather lashes at your window, we’ve got plenty of reading material to keep you company.

This week, we’ve seen a number of interestingly timed bike launches, with Liv releasing its new Avail, Giant its new Defy, Bianchi the new Specialissima and Specialized quietly launching the latest Roubaix. We all say the launch of the new Wahoo Kickr Move for all that indoor riding people will be doing now the weather has turned.

We’ve also covered some picturesque riding in the form of our trip to Asturias, Spain while, on the domestic front, we’ve put together a gallery of our favourite pictures from this year’s Tour of Britain.

As for kit, we have rounded off our summer testing with a guide to the best comfort break bib shorts – if you’re not sure what a comfort break feature is or why you’d need one, I’d recommend giving it a read.

Now onto the physical products we’ve been enjoying this week.

Le Col Pro Aqua Zero long sleeve jersey

Charlotte Head

The Le Col Pro Aqua Zero jersey is designed for autumn – what a coincidence – and aims to cover those pesky riding conditions where it’s still too warm to wear a full jacket but there’s also a high chance of rain. The long sleeve jersey uses a hydrophobic coating to help protect you from the elements as well as featuring a thermal fleece liner to keep you warm.

Le Col says it offers three-season protection, and the jersey has a high lined collar and full length waterproof zip to help it cover all the bases. It is available in four colours, including the Sky Blue shown here.

Peaty’s Holdfast Trail Tool Wrap

Peaty's Holdfast tool wrap kitCharlotte Head

This one’s for the off-road enthusiasts, though it would work equally well on a touring set up. Peaty’s has released a new Holdfast tool wrap, designed to give quick and easy access to your repair kit. The wrap loops around your top tube and can be fastened as is, or used to secure a spare inner tube.

The wrap has a ‘no rattle, no slip’ design, with a rubberised back to prevent it sliding, and is made from waterproof materials. There’s also an internal waterproof pocket which Peaty’s says is ideal for storing essentials such as spare change or anything you need to keep extra dry and secure.

AssSaver × Squid Bikes ‘The 128’ clip-on mudguards

AssSaver x Squid mudguardCharlotte Head

Known for its popular faff-free mudguards, AssSaver has collaborated with Squid Bikes to create a new, colourful series. AssSaver says the Win Wing can be mounted to any bike and requires no tools to install, with coverage for up to 38mm tyres.

AssSaver x Squid mudguardCharlotte Head

The design features Squid Bikes’ special painting technique, masking out areas with dishwashing soap to create their randomised designs. The original 128-piece run included unique one-of-a-kind patterns which have been translated to this full production series.

Lola Portable Massage device

When foam rolling just won’t do it or you can’t convince a significant other to help ease your aching body, massage guns are a great option for working on your sore muscles. The Lola massage device has four different heads to target various areas of the body and has four levels of intensity.

It has a claimed 150 minute battery life and is weighty enough to pack a punch without being too unwieldly to hold. It’s USB-rechargeable and comes with a soft travel case for taking it out and about.

What we’re loving this week: All In Racing socks

All In Racing LGBT+ socksCharlotte Head

If you’ve been around enough other cyclists, chances are you’ve seen a set of these rainbow-bedecked socks and maybe wondered to yourself what they’re all about (Hint: it’s nothing to do with clapping for the NHS). The socks are sold by All In Racing, an LGBT+ cycling initiative that aims to make amateur and professional cycling a more inclusive space for queer folk.

The money raised by sales goes towards funding All In projects to help support and care for LGBT+ riders so, whether you’re a part of the community or just want to be a good ally, I would highly recommend getting a pair. They’re high quality Rapha socks that also do a lot of good – what more could you want in some foot covers?

(And yes, we’ve featured them before, but they’re back in stock so you should buy them.)

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