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jockeys on the recent horror falls

Kah’s fall occurred early in the running during the group 2 Sires’ Produce Stakes on Saturday. She was cleared after initial scans of any fractures or brain injury, but remains sedated due to the heavy concussion.

Her horse, Flyball, escaped with minor abrasions, whereas Dubenenko, Williams’ horse, returned with minor lacerations on both forelimbs.

Ethan Brown suffered a fall in the Australian Guineas at Flemington earlier this month.

Ethan Brown suffered a fall in the Australian Guineas at Flemington earlier this month.Credit:Getty Images

Nolen said as jockeys, they can’t fear falling as it wouldn’t make them good riders but when it happens, there is worry for each other.

“If you’re going out thinking about what might happen to you, you don’t ride in your normal manner … So, you have to be free of those thoughts because if you start to think like that, you shouldn’t be out there riding,” said Nolen.

“We hate to see anything happen to anyone … It is very tight-knit, and we rally around anyone who has a fall.”

Jokey Jamie Mott, who rode in the Super Saturday race at Flemington, shared similar thoughts. He said everyone just wants whoever falls to be OK but the danger of getting injured isn’t something that scares him or fellow riders.

“It can happen to anyone. No, it doesn’t scare you, but it makes you realise what really can happen [on the track],” said Mott.

He added you don’t think about it “otherwise you’d be no good out there, if you’re always thinking about something happening”.

“Obviously, we’re all really worried. As soon as a fall happens, whoever it is, and it’s relieving to find out that they’re going to be fine,” Mott said.

“[You] give your support as much as you can … We’re all a really good group of jockeys, we do rally behind each other, and definitely we’re there if anyone needs us.”

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