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Odermatt on top again in speedy Super-G at Lake Louise

Odermatt’s victory gives him crucial points as he sets out to defend his overall title with Kilde hot on his heels.

“Both of us want to win. We are good friends and respect each other. It is great to have a rival like (Kilde). We will compete against each other for a long time,” said Odermatt.

The two racers have already set themselves up for quite a rivalry this season.

Even though Kilde says there is no bad blood. “We are good friends and competitors for sure. I think we fire each other up quite a bit,” said Kilde.

“We are having such a good time together and competing. He is a really good competitor and could be a really good friend on site too. So, let’s have a party. He is going to be hard to beat this year. But I beat him yesterday, so if I beat him every-other chance then I am fine with that too,” said Kilde.

The Norwegian faced challenging conditions with snow falling a bit heavier and gusts of wind as he skied his way to second.

“I felt pretty good actually. I was really charging and trying. There was a little wind up there, so I took down the speed a little too much with the wind that was going in some places. I tried hard but it was not enough today,” said Kilde.

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