Of course Jonathan Vaughters had to say something about Thibaut Pinot’s breakaway outburst

Of course Jonathan Vaughters had to say something about Thibaut Pinot’s breakaway outburst

When Thibaut Pinot had a heated exchange with EF Education First-EasyPost’s Jefferson Alexander Cepeda during Stage 13 of this year’s Giro d’Italia, it was only a matter of time before EF boss Johnathan Vauhters would weigh in with his opinion on the matter.

It took a couple of days, but Vaughters finally took the bait. With Sunday’s stage done and a rest day on Monday leaving no racing action to get ready for, the EF boss created his own excitement. Taking to his preferred social platform, Twitter, Vaughter’s posted a not-so-thinly veiled criticism of Pinot’s post-race performances.

When another user called Vaughters out as a “coward” for not actually tagging Pinot while publicly insulting him, the peloton’s second most outspoken team manager couldn’t help but wade in deeper.

Ever classy, Vaughter’s questioned whether Pinot would be able to read his post “through all of his tears.”

It was a disappointingly catty turn to the discussion, especially on a platform so well known for reasoned and level-headed debate.

Who are you ?

— PINOT Thibaut (@ThibautPinot) May 21, 2023

Pinot, never particularly shy himself, chimed in. Channeling the greatest diva from Vaughter’s homeland, Pinot responded simply: “Who are you?”

A veteran pro pretending he doesn’t know who one of the 18 pro tour team managers is hilarious shade. Especially when that manager has nearly a quarter century of pro cycling experience including more than a decade as a pro-level team manager, vocal anti-doping advocate and expert Twitter troll. Vaughter’s has yet to reply.

The boys have all of Monday to sort out their drama before the 106th Giro d’Italia resumes with Stage 16 racing on Tuesday.

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