Rangers Will Regret Leaving Michael Beale As Manager For Any Longer

Rangers Will Regret Leaving Michael Beale As Manager For Any Longer

The start Rangers have made this season has been abysmal. The opening game against Kilmarnock was horrific, cracks were papered over by mediocre wins against Livi and Morton at home and we got found out against a good PSV side not because they’re a million times better, but because we couldn’t change our play or work out a system to operate against them. They did their homework on us, we did not.

That first and foremost lies with the management, their style (whatever that is) their formations (whatever they are) and the sub standard recruitment. We struggled against Servette and the cracks have been apparent for far too long.

Michael Beale has been in the post just shy of 9 months. In that time the defence has leaked careless goals and he and the board have done nothing to shore it up, relying on a keeper to perhaps not make it look as bad. Butland must be shaking his head.

Raskin is a shadow at times, Jack does not have the legs any more, Cantwell still does not know his best position.

We chased Cifuentes for months, a player that’s not even worth close to a million, with the club heralding him as some midfield maestro. Dessers, Lammers and Sima all the same, can run, barge into players, can’t go past anyone for fun and have no composure or goal threat amongst them.

Then there’s Danilo, another who can’t work out or shoe into a system that works. Who is scouting these players? However, the scouting isn’t the issue, it’s that the team is set up, managed and coached, badly and I honestly don’t think they have a clue on how to fix it, as they’ve allowed the squad to become so disenfranchised by it all that they look clueless.

No leaders, no plan and no desire to fix it. We were promised change and leadership and we have been left with another managerial project, that’s become an embarrassment. That was evident by the hostility shown by the whole stadium on Sunday.

Goodness knows what he sold these players to come in, but the dream we were hoping for has turned into a serial nightmare. If we leave Michael Beale in post until December, we will regret it even more. I’ve seen nothing in 9 months, that shows me it can be turned around in another 3.

Written by StuMunroloyal September 06 2023 09:07:54


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