Winter Sports

Skiers’ alternative summer activities

Besides physical training in the gym and skiing on glaciers or on other continents, skiers also enjoy changing their minds with various new projects or challenges.

While some take on sporting challenges, others take on entrepreneurial challenges or enjoy attending and supporting other events. 

Olympic champion Giuliano Razzoli (ITA), kicked off his entrepreneurial adventure, and he celebrated it alongside many teammates and ex-teammates.

The 37-year-old skier has always had great passions beyond the snow. 
From wine to balsamic vinegar, it was the latter product that led him to a big project with his family. The vinegar, named Acetaia Razzoli, born in Razzolo, a small village in the Emilian Apennines.

Giuliano Razzoli adds that it’s a product that needs constant attention to grow, evolve and improve. Just like in alpine skiing.

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