Swap 488 into 2000 Indy Touring (340)?

Summer project – replace tired 340 in our 2000 Indy Touring. It’s at nearly 7000 miles, and the engine has developed a noise that sounds like it’s crank/bearing related that has slowly been getting worse over the last 500 miles or so. Here’s a link to the noise: Polaris Rattle

One option is to rebuild the 340. But…we do have a good running 488 fanner from an old Indy Trail. So the question is: Will the swap fit? As I understand it the 2000 Indy Touring is a lighter weight chassis (Gen2?) designed around the 340 specifically.

Here’s the sled in question:

Wheel Tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design

And here’s the 488 and 340 side by side. Engine mounts are different, but I think we could adapt the 340 mount to the 488.. The 488 looks to be a couple inches wider overall, though, which might cause issues.

Motor vehicle Luggage and bags Bag Automotive tire Automotive lighting

The exhaust is quite similar, but the muffler/expansion pipe is bigger on the 488. We have basic fabrication and welding equipment and could modify a bit if needed. The downpipe location looks like it might work as-is, but some minor fab work on mount tabs would be required.

Tool Wood Hand tool Stonemason's hammer Gas

Any thoughts from those that have been there, done that…would be most appreciated!

PS. I’m not sure what sub-category this project would fall under, so I posted in the general Polaris section. Hope that OK!

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