The Best Outright Betting Tactics for the Remainder of the English Premier League

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By Jonathan Lewis | 11th Mar 2023

The Premier League is ongoing and many are looking forward to knowing which teams will make it to the final. Aside from the enthusiastic football fans, sports betting fans would also like more insights on how this season will conclude.

The EPL final is set on May 28 so there will still be a few matches ahead, but experts are already weighing in on which teams will compete in the semi-final and which team has the biggest potential to get the championship.

Whether you’re a keen fan who’s stoked to know how this season will mostly end or you’re preparing for the bets you’ll place, keep reading. We have the latest betting odds and handy betting tips to keep in mind.

Premier League Top Four Outright Odds

Before everything else, let’s have a look at the latest EPL ladder as of March 11, 2023. This should give you the bigger picture and see which teams are performing great as of mid-season.


The top 4 are some of the favorites to win this edition of the Premier League, but the other two teams behind still have a great chance in getting a spot to the semi-finals.

Take a look at the latest Sky bet betting odds and probability rates from StatsPerform for the clubs that could still make it to the top 4 spot below:


Here are the last five match results for the favorite teams as of March 11, 2023:

Manchester United: L W W D W
Liverpool: W W D W W
Newcastle: L L D D D
Tottenham:L W W L W
Brighton:W L D W D
Chelsea: W L L D D

Premier League Betting Tips

So before you bet on Premier League on the best football betting site, here are a few tips and tactics you may want to consider:

Check Prediction Sites

Predictions and betting odds could drastically change in a matter of a few matches, so find your favorite prediction sites and see what experts have to say.

Doing so should make you updated on the latest too and know if there are any injuries or issues that could affect a club’s upcoming performances.

Bet Early

The thing about bookies is that they don’t always have the best predictions a few weeks before matches. That’s why you should get ahead and shop for the best betting odds no matter how far the final is.

You can also find sportsbooks that allow you to build bets so you’re ready throughout the season. Be sure to check the rules first if you intend to change bets as the season proceeds.

Unfortunately, most bookies don’t allow this, but there are some that would let you edit bets a few days before a match.

Look for Boosted Odds

Boosted odds are usually only offered in pre-game matches that will be held on the next day or today, so it’s not really for punters who built a whole season’s worth of bets.

If you’re someone who places bets on the day, this is what you should be looking for. The only reason is that boosted odds can give you bigger wins.


The most important thing is that you bet responsibly! Never chase your losses, and you don’t have to place bets on all the remaining EPL matches this season. Remove your biases when placing bets, no matter how hard it is as a fan of certain football clubs.

Jonathan Lewis is an MFF sports writer

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