Today’s Papers – Inter ride the wave, Juve back on track

Gazzetta dello Sport

Inter ride the wave

Milano on top, now for a super derby

ThuLa sparkles: Thuram and Lautaro sweep Fiorentina aside

On Saturday September 16 a showdown of the likes we’ve never seen

Milan motto is ‘buy and win’

Top of the table with Pulisic, Loftus-Cheek and Reijnders protagonists

Juve are here

Victory in Empoli

Danilo-Chiesa and third place

Ouch Pogba: another setback

Toro magic

Genoa beaten at the 94th minute

Radonjic enchants at the final gasp

Juric, first joy

Corriere dello Sport

Golden Toro

Brace against Fiorentina (4-0): Lautaro responds to Giroud

Inter striker is on five goals in three games

Viola running on empty

Thuram and Calha on target too

Inzaghi on 9 points with Milan: ‘We must continue like this’

Juve back on track: 2-0 in Empoli

Vlahovic disappoints, misses a penalty

Pogba KO again


Forward with faith in Fede

Back on track in Empoli: in Chiesa’s goal there is all of a Juve side that believes

The Danilo snapshot paves the way for the Bianconeri: but to seal the victory, after Vlahovic penalty miss and disallowed Pogba goal (and a new muscular scare), it takes the irresistible sprint of the Number 7 on a Milik pass


Serbian moment of magic at the 94th minute makes the Toro Curva Maratona erupt

Finally Granata joy after enormous suffering

Genoa KO, but the performances need to improve

‘Goal of an artist? It is for the fans and for Juric’

If Thuram starts scoring too…

Inter show: gauntlet laid down to Milan

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