Today’s Papers – Pulisic exclusive, make way for Frattesi and Raspadori

Gazzetta dello Sport

Pulisic exclusive: Milan, once upon a time in America

‘There is a passion here I’ve never seen before. I explain why it was love at first sight. The derby? I dream of a goal’

Inter, Frattesi has to play

Superstar for the Nazionale, now asking for space

But Inzaghi never changes in midfield

Pogba plea bargain?

Paul seeks a discount to avoid the 4-year ban

Juventus man after doping test

There are those who invested more

Milan lead the table, straight after there’s Toro

Corriere dello Sport

Make way for us

Frattesi and Raspadori want to take Inter and Napoli too

Season resumes on Saturday with three super showdowns

Protagonists for the Nazionale now deserve space

The midfielder asks Inzaghi for a spot in the Scudetto derby, while Giacomino pushes Garcia to play at Marassi

And DeLa supports him

Lukaku-Dybala, the first time

Roma, the golden pair is united

Mou with Empoli can count on a tandem dreamed by the fans

Argentine fired up: ‘The season has just begun, we will enjoy ourselves’

‘You were great, dad’

Serie A dynasties

From Simeone to Maldini and Chiesa until the latest arrivals Weah, Thuram and Cruz

An entire line-up of heirs to famous families

Gattuso beaten, Lyon change with Grosso in pole position

Champions of 2006


Max, you have these players and they are not bad

Pogba lost, Juve bet on Locatelli and co’s desire to prove themselves

International duty restores midfielders in good shape

Loca has rediscovered himself, Miretti scored, so did Weah and McKennie shone for the USA

Rabiot progressing: Allegri starts again from here

‘I want to take Toro into Europe’

Zapata ambition

‘Atalanta are in the past. Roma? I felt that I was wanted here. I take on all responsibility’

High press and running from midfield

Bravo Spalletti

Moves from the new CT get Italy back on their feet

Behind the scenes of tactical intuition: that rectangle at Coverciano

Buffon and team spirit

Grosso leapfrogs Gattuso and can see Lyon again as coach

Italian ‘derby’ for the French job

He was already a player at OL, after Frosinone the ex-Juventus man is ready to come back in style

Juve, the losses drop, but the diet continues

Balance sheet for 2022-23: expected -115m

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