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Tom Brady’s Alleged New Girlfriend Posts Stunning Bikini Photos

a pic of Veronika Rajek posing for camera and a pic of Tom Brady smiling on the field.

Tom Brady may or may not be on the market at the moment. That will almost certainly be the case at the end of the season when it comes to football teams. On the relationship front? Well, we aren’t sure.

Tom is freshly divorced and is sure to have plenty of admirers. One woman is rumored to be the quarterback’s new love interest but it’s all just speculation at the moment.

Model Veronika Rajek set tongues wagging after attending a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game last week, watching on in a Brady jersey as Tom and the Bucs beat the New Orleans Saints.

Whether she’s Brady’s new girl or not, what we know obtains is that her Instagram is fire…

Tom Brady smiling through football helmet during game

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Veronika was at it again on Monday, posting a quadruple of very American-themed bikini photos.

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Earlier this year, Veronika claimed her body is too dangerous for social media. It appears she is not letting that stop her from adding more photos to her already remarkable collection.

The Week’s Started Poorly For Tom Brady

Brady pulled out a victory while Veronika was in attendance last week. This week was a different story as the Bucs got absolutely shellacked by the San Francisco 49ers.

Brady threw a single touchdown pass in the 35-7 loss and threw two interceptions.

As t happens, San Francisco is one of the likelier destinations for Brady, according to various reports. The 45-year-old was thought to have set out on a swansong at the beginning of the season but it’s widely expected that he will still be playing next season.

The question is “where?”

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