Where Has It All Gone Wrong For Rangers?

Where Has It All Gone Wrong For Rangers?

From the satisfaction with our early transfer business, the excitement around a few of the names we were bringing in and the general optimism for the new season, to this feeling now, where has it all gone wrong?

Initially, we worried that the players weren’t good enough (and the jury is well and truly out on a few) but to be honest now I couldn’t even fairly judge any of them and say for definite that they aren’t good enough for Rangers. And for me now the focus is solely on Beale’s incompetence.

I’ve seen people slating our defence and pretty much most of the blame has fallen on that area of the pitch. Let’s just remember that 3 of that back 4 were part of a formidable unbeaten league campaign who conceded only 13 goals. When you have a manager with a clear vision for how he wants to play and plays a system to the strengths of those players, the result is a confident, organised and composed group of players all on the same wavelength.

It’s evident from the amount of times that we’ve changed formation and lineup already that Beale hasn’t got a clue not only who his best 11 are but what formation he wants to play them in. I assumed that most managers have their philosophy in place before they are given millions to spend, so that they can identify and sign players to fit that system and the entire coaching staff and recruitment department are in sync with this philosophy so they know what’s required from each player.

The fact that Beale hasn’t even stuck with the same formation and personnel for more than 1 game in a row is mental. How can we expect players to settle? How can we judge Danilo, a No. 9 being played to the left of a front 3. How can we judge Lammers, a No. 9 or 10 being played on the right wing?

Roofe a No. 9 and the best finisher we’ve had at the club in years played on the right and then subbed when you need a goal in an Old Firm game (OF). Cantwell a No.10 who played incredibly well across any of the advanced roles last year was played to the right of a defensive midfield 3 in an OF where he was also having to cover RB. Jack a CDM playing to the left and found himself up the left wing supporting Matondo.

Cifuentes, a player Beale said could ‘take us up a level’ and who had been playing regularly with Los Angeles FC and therefore match fit, but doesn’t start or feature against your rivals in a massive game? When asked about why our midfield / defence sat so deep in the OF he said maybe there were a few nerves.

6 out of that 7 had already played in OF games and to be honest, few of them would strike me as nervous players Raskin, Cantwell, Jack, Souttar, Goldson, Tavernier may be nervous this season as they don’t have a clue what the system is and there is real and obvious doubt in them every time they’re on the ball. Why did he not notice this and demand that they move up the pitch by screaming at them from the sidelines?

He had relative success in terms of dominance of games against that lot since he came in yet abandons that formation and style and does none of the basics that are required and that we have seen in recent years of successful OF displays. McGregor having that much space and time. Don’t even think Pedro Caixhina would have allowed that. Point of the rant is. the players aren’t to blame IMO guys and I think as time has gone on that’s why the focus is on Beale now.

I do believe that we have brought in quality. I don’t believe we’ll see their true potential until Beale leaves. I’m someone who’d be telling people to be patient with a manager and not to judge too early, but the decision making from this guy has blown me away. As someone else said, he is nothing more than a salesman who has pulled the wool over our eyes and the Board’s eyes.

Talking about the value of players being ‘well off the mark’. what’s your point, son? You saying we shouldn’t expect them to be good because we paid 3 million instead of 5? Couldn’t believe a word out of his mouth and I genuinely feel that he has already lost this groups belief and trust that he knows what he’s doing. I can’t see how this works out with him here.

If it was someone who had stuck to a lineup and formation and a set way of playing from day one, you’d say fair enough, he trusts his process and has the players where they should be, it will gel given time. Far too much changing and uncertainty and any manager coming to Rangers, spending £13M and then playing a guessing game to fit them in shouldn’t be near the club. One of them messed up days thinking about this mess 👎🏻.

Written by Coisty9 September 09 2023 14:24:16


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